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Social Media Marketing FAQs

What are the main advantages of engaging in a social media marketing campaign?

Social Media Marketing is now an essential tool for any business which is looking to gain an advantage over their competitors, without wasting a lot of time, money or resources.

Some of the key advantages you could gain by running a social media marketing campaign include:

Improving the conversion rate of your website

The ratio between visitors coming to your website (traffic) and the amount of people who actually perform a desired ‘goal’ activity (like filling in a contact form, adding an item to their shopping cart, completing a poll, etc.) is known as your ‘conversion rate’;

If you take the time to carefully monitor your conversion rate before and after implementing a Twitter feed on your website, there is a very good likelihood that you’ll spot a noticeable percentage increase within a relatively short space of time.

One of the main reasons why Twitter feeds can have such a massive impact on your site stats is the simple fact that a frequently-updated stream of content demonstrates that your brand is active, professional and ‘switched-on’ to the demands of its potential customers.

Gaining exposure, brand recognition and repeat visits

Users who follow your business using social media applications will be exposed to your brand in an environment which they feel perfectly at home in: They’ll receive news about your business right next to updates from their friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else within their social circle.

By engaging with your users via social media, you’ll have a chance to promote your products and services in a manner which is not as ‘in your face’ as most other forms of advertising.

Making the competition ‘eat your dust’

An increasing number of brands now use social media technologies as part of their push to win more business and capture the attention of a wider audience.

Regardless of whether or not you think a social media campaign is worthwhile, consider the following points:

A large percentage of your potential customers are likely to use social networks.

If you don’t use social networks, or fail to engage with your audience on a regular basis, your brand image will be diminished in the eyes of many potential clients.

Whilst some of your more formidable competitors may be using social media marketing in an effective manner already, you can bet that there will be plenty of others who are not exactly using their online presence to its fullest potential: yet!

Seize this opportunity to gain a new, more engaged audience and act swiftly to:

Get ahead of your weaker competitors

Gain a firm foothold as you rise towards the top

With a professionally-executed campaign, you’ll be in a great position to work on toppling your main rivals from their lofty positions as you move closer towards pole position.

Increasing your influence online

If you are able to build a loyal following across various social networks, you now have the perfect platform to market new products and services to people who are already more likely to actually invest in your brand!

Social media can generate a real word-of-mouth ‘buzz’ about your brand.

Adding posts to your social media accounts is free! (Unlike most online forms of advertising, or traditional methods, like printed media, radio or TV ads).

Building trust

By harnessing the power of social media marketing and providing quality information to your audience, you’ll be able to build more trust in your brand.

Any content which is useful, informative or entertaining will go a long way towards boosting your credentials.

Directing more traffic your way

Social networks can bring more clicks to your website: Plain and simple.

But did you know that they can also improve your rankings within the search engines?

Boosting your search engine rankings

By harnessing the power of social media marketing and providing quality information to your audience, you’ll be able to build more trust in your brand.

Any content which is useful, informative or entertaining will go a long way towards boosting your credentials.

Why should I outsource my social media marketing campaign?

A successful social media campaign can only exist if you stay up-to-date and focus your attention on the finer details of engaging in this form of marketing:

You’ll need to make multiple posts every business day to achieve the best results.

You will also need to upload unique images each week and make sure that they are tagged appropriately, for each of your social network accounts.

Your FaceBook pages will need to be customised and maintained to look at their best.

Data will need to be analysed to determine how to optimise each of your social media accounts for the hardest-hitting impact.

Many smaller details will also need to be checked on a frequent basis, to maintain a professional presence online.

By outsourcing your social media campaign to Cozy Digital, you’ll benefit from our online marketing expertise
...and so will your audience:

You’ll get loads of carefully-targeted, finely-crafted content added to your social media accounts each day.

Thanks to our intuitive, powerful control panel, you’ll be able to schedule in your own social posts and review our content as it rolls in.

Our content will be provided 5 working days before it is posted: This means that you’ll have loads of time to review content, apply changes or make any suggestions: You can also set a schedule for your posts, to have them go live at specific intervals.

Ultimately, you are the #1 expert on your own brand, so your contributions will always make a big impact: But if you’d prefer to sit back while we do the bulk of the work, you’ll still see fantastic results.

Why bother using Twitter?

Once you’ve enabled a Twitter feed on your website (and get it set up properly), you’ll be able to start enjoying some of these great benefits:

Your website visitors will be hit with fresh, valuable content: Making it more likely that they’ll stay on your site for longer.

You can stand out from the crowd: Especially if your competitors have not yet added a Twitter feed to their websites.

By upgrading your website to include professional social media feeds, you’ll maximise its potential and make the most of your marketing budget.

Thanks to the regular updates which will appear on your website via your feed, the big search engines are likely to start paying more attention to your brand.

Increased exposure and activity usually result in improved search engine rankings.

What about my FaceBook or Twitter statistics?

By working with a leading link shortening provider, we are able to give you live statistics which you’ll be able to access from your control panel, including: How much traffic your campaigns are generating and where that traffic is coming from, geographically.

Return on investment

As you have read so far, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to invest in our social media marketing services: But don’t just take our word for it…we’d rather let you judge for yourself!

Cozy Digital has no large on-going contracts: meaning that you can cancel at any time, for any reason: All we ask is that you give us 30 day’s-notice.

Why should I consider using FaceBook as part of my online marketing strategy?

FaceBook is a massive brand which can unleash huge potential for your website.

By tapping this mammoth resource and carving a name for yourself in FaceBook, it is possible to generate interest in your brand, find a new audience and give your potential customers plenty of relevant material which they can use, share and enjoy.

Each day, more and more users search FaceBook to find businesses and information which matters to them: This trend cannot be ignored if you wish to stay ahead of your competition.

You could also expect see an increase in your rankings, if you invest in a FaceBook marketing campaign: Google and the other big search engines now actively look for FaceBook activity and include it in their advanced algorithms.

Whilst we recommend embedding a Twitter feed into your website (for Search Engine Optimisation reasons), it is still worth posting images and content onto both FaceBook and Twitter separately for maximum impact.

Why is there a fee involved when it comes to setting up my campaign?

In order to ensure that we can give you the best possible service, it is important for us to conduct social profiling and in-depth research which goes above and beyond the extensive questionnaire which we’ll ask you to complete; this first phase can take some time to complete, which is why a fee is involved.

May I add FaceBook posts or ‘tweets’ myself?

Whilst we work on your behalf, contributing content as if it was coming from you personally, this is purely to save you the time and effort of having to do this yourself.

Your social media accounts belong to you: so feel free to add your own content: If anything, it will only boost your online profile!

Why are links in my posts often in block capitals?

Upper-case characters are used in order to make it easier for your audience to find your website links at a glance.

What about ‘deep-linking’?

‘Deep-linking’ involves adding links to pages at a deeper level within your website, beyond the home-page;

Normally, we don’t add deep-links, since it can cause problems further down the line:

Your deeper links are likely to change over time, whereas your main home-page link will always be the same; changing links often lead to broken links, which are best avoided!

It is only worthwhile to perform deep-linking strategies if you are certain that your deeper-level links won’t change in the future.

Deep linking can make it difficult for you to gain any useful insights or accurate statistics about your campaign.

Whilst we don’t recommend including deep-linking as part of your social media marketing campaign, we can do it if you wish.

Is it possible to set up my social content to go live at specific times?

Our experts can set your posts to go live automatically at specific intervals of your choosing;

You can also monitor, edit or add to the fresh queue of content which we have sitting in your control panel, ensuring that you’ll stay firmly in the driver’s seat!

How can I be sure that you’ll provide high quality content?

The writers whom we’ll have working on your content are all fully-trained, creative and highly competent industry experts who are employed because their work meets the high standards expected by our clients.

All of your new content is assembled into a queue at least five days prior to going live: This helps to prevent down-time and allows you to review posts at your leisure.

Couldn’t I just link my Twitter and FaceBook accounts instead of getting content written up for both?

By adding unique, high-quality content to each of your social accounts, you’ll make a much bigger impact on the search engines than you ever would by replicating your Twitter posts on FaceBook:

Search engines love unique content: And don’t care for duplicate content very much!

Having exclusive content on each of your social accounts will result in greater search engine strength than simply duplicating the same content multiple times.

What is the best way to set up my Twitter feed?

In order to make an impact on the search engines, your tweets will need to be contained within your website’s HTML code;

As we normally target your home-page (see the section about deep-linking), it is important that your Twitter feed appears in this location and not within a deeper-level page of your website.

If I have an existing Twitter feed, how can I check to see that it is set up properly?

Even if you’ve followed Twitter’s instructions on adding a feed to your website, it might not be set up in a manner which will bring you the most benefits in terms of search engine rankings;

In order to see if this is the case:

First, Load up the page which holds your Twitter feed and then find the option in your browser which allows you to view your website’s ‘source code’.

Next, scan through the HTML code of your website and see if any of your tweets show up here: If you can’t find them, you’ll need to change the way your feed works (if you wish to get any sort of search engine benefits!)

If you wish, we can install a script which will get your Twitter feed embedded properly on your website.

Why do you use open-source PHP embeds?

We keep our PHP scripts open-source and easy to access: This makes them much safer to install than proprietary/hidden/encrypted scripts, as they can be readily assessed for security by the web development community at large.

Why do you not recommend using JavaScript-powered Twitter feeds?

Whilst JavaScript Twitter feeds are quick and easy to set up, they are truly terrible when it comes to getting your tweets noticed by the search engines!

By using PHP or ASP scripts, we’ll optimise your feed to:

Help show the search engines that your site is frequently getting updated.

Let the search engines know that you are active when it comes to social media.

Of course, we can use JavaScript feeds if you wish…but we’d strongly advise against it if you’d like the feeds to have maximum impact on your search engine rankings.

I need a tailor-made social media campaign to be created: Is this something which you can help me with?

We use our research and expertise to create posts which are relevant to you and your brand: But not every post is entirely inward-looking:

We’ll tweet about topical stories which have recently hit the news, provide links to striking images, highlight interesting statistics and much, much more, whilst also ensuring that topics relevant to your industry are covered on a regular basis.

By providing a mixed assortment of engaging content, we’ll optimise your key-phrases for the search engines, whilst helping your social media feeds to connect with your audience in new and exciting ways.

Remember: if you have some specific news items that you’d like to have covered in your feed, our fantastic control panel will allow you to get this content scheduled in.

If i’m supplying you with images, are there any guidelines?

If possible, try to use images which have been taken with a digital camera capable of taking photos larger than 0.8 megapixels (around 1024x768 pixels resolution): Any images which are relevant to your brand will be suitable: For example, photos of your branded media, staff uniforms, vehicles, offices, events, etc.

If you can’t supply us with any images of your own, don’t worry: We’ll source some royalty-free, professionally-shot stock photographs which will work a treat!

Still not sure which package is the right fit for you?

Give us a ring on 0131 560 1790 or click here for expert assistance.

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