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CMS Websites Explained

CMS is short for content management system. This has become very popular over the last few years as more and more businesses want to have more control over their website. In the past you had to rely on your web designers to update your website and of course they charge you every time for the pleasure.

This was a lengthy and sometimes expensive process as you had to send all your text and images to the designers and wait till they updated your website. However, today things are a lot simpler with the invention of CMS (content management systems), as now the owner of the website can edit delete and update their own website in real-time.

What is a CMS website?

As the name suggests CMS’s give you management of your website through what is known as a back office system, from here you can create new pages and edit text. If your website is an ecommerce website then the back office CMS will give you control over creating new categories for your products, adding products, deleting products and the ability to change the prices.

In addition to all this flexibility the CMS website’s back office can also help you manage a whole host of other areas of your site. Managing your email newsletters is a breeze, as you can write an email and add any desired images. Then it’s just a matter of clicking a button and your email is sent out to all email recipients in your email list. This is a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

How Does a CMS Work?

In the design stage of your website the designers will create your website to your exact specifications. Then with using some advanced web design techniques will create a back office system that works in unison with your website. Once this process is complete the designers will give you a login name and password so you can access your website. With this username and password you can access your website 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us now for a chat to see how we can help you decrease costs and give your total control over your website anytime anywhere.

Why is Cozy Digital Different?

Too many systems tie you into a rigid structure and restrict you in what you can achieve with a CMS website and give you little say in what features you can have. At Cozy Digital we have done extensive research into what people actually need their back office to do, and you do you know what we realised? We found that every client is different. This made our job more difficult as we had to design a flexible solution that we could tailor for every client.

Luckily we succeeded and we are very proud of the system we have today. It lets us match our clients' needs to their solution and every solution is totally unique. In addition to all this, we design a system that is very easy to use and requires the minimum of training, so you can be up and running in no time.

But there is more, traditionally an ecommerce website isn't easily indexed by search engines, we know this as we have many years experience in SEO (search engine optimisation), so all our CMS websites are totally SEO friendly.

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