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Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is one of the most important analyses that you need to perform when you begin your SEO campaign. An effective SEO campaign isn’t always just about getting good SEO results for your keyphrases, but is usually more to do with achieving BETTER SEO RESULTS than your competition.

Getting better SEO results than your competition gives a double edged advantage. Firstly, if you have better SEO results that your competition then you will get more targeted traffic coming to your website. But additionally, if you get better SEO results than your competition you are effectively taking business away from your competitors to the benefit of your business. This means that as well as your business growing, your competitors are not growing as much as it could be. This will also have a double benefit: it will mean that your competitors are less able to compete with you to win the business that you want to win, but because search engines such as Google are so intelligent nowadays Google will know that you have become stronger than your competition. As well as seeing you win more traffic from the search engines, with the use of Google analytics and many of Google’s other tools, Google will be able to see that your marketplace prefers you as a supplier and in turn will start to rank your search engine results even higher.

This snowball effect will mean that the stronger you continue to get the weaker your competitors will get, which will move you into a position as an online authority in your field and from there you can begin to dominate in your marketplace.

A competitors Analysis is one of the first jobs that Cozy Digital will perform at the beginning of your SEO campaign, but this is only one aspect of many in your targeted online marketing campaign. Cozy Digital offers the full spectrum of internet marketing techniques that you need to move your online business in the direction that you want it to. Have a look now at the array of SEO techniques that Cozy Digital use to help your business thrive online, or give us a call now on 0131 560 1790 or send us a message via our simple online contact form.

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