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Content Creation

Why is content creation so important for the SEO and Usability of your website?

Content creation is a major influence in the online marketing of your website for two main reasons:

Firstly the search engines love to see plenty of unique content on your website; this is because Google, and the rest of the search engines, know that the more quality, unique content that you have on your website the more chance that they have of presenting the right searches to their users when they make a search, and therefore making their search engine more user friendly and hence more valuable. Therefore it is in Google’s interest to reward you for having plenty of good, quality, well-written, unique content on your website.

Secondly it is important to have well written, engaging content on your website to appeal to your customers. The more engaging your content is the more your customers will want to read it, and come back to your website in the future to read more. It will also encourage your users to link to your website and to talk about in in social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. This in turn will positively affect your search engine rankings as Google picks up on your returning traffic, the natural links being built to your website and the social activity that you website is creating.

In summary, the reasons that you need quality, well-written, engaging content on your website are:

  • Google loves content and so will more highly rank a website that contains plenty of quality content
  • Your customers want to read good content on your website
  • Your customers are more likely to return to your website to read engaging content
  • People will link to quality, well-written, engaging content
  • People will talk more about quality, well-written, engaging content on social media sites

It’s clear that quality, well-written, engaging content is more than valuable to the future of your online marketing; so why not start having it written today?

Quality content creation is just one of the techniques that Cozy Digital uses to market your website online. Cozy Digital offers the full spectrum of internet marketing techniques that you need to move your online business in the direction that you want it to. Have a look now at the array of SEO techniques that Cozy Digital use to help your business thrive online, or give us a call now on 0131 560 1790 or send us a message via our simple online contact form.

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