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Conversion Optimisation

Although getting great search engine results and good targeted traffic coming to your website is very important; it isn’t much use if none of that traffic converts into the sales or leads that you require from your website.

A major factor that many SEO companies miss is that once you drive targeted traffic to a website it is important to optimise the conversion rate of that traffic. There may be many reasons why the right traffic is coming to your website but not converting into sales or leads. One such reason might be that your website is just not very usable and it is so difficult for the user to navigate through your website to find what they want that they give up and go elsewhere. Or the user may be able to find what they want and even add a product to their basket, but your cart or checkout procedure is just so cumbersome that the customer gives up half way through the process.

At Cozy Digital we make sure that your website is as usable as possible and work on continually improving your website’s conversion rate so that not only do you benefit from the additional traffic from the search engines, but you also doubly benefit from having a larger percentage of your traffic convert into the leads or sales that you desire.

One of the first things that we do when you start an SEO campaign with Cozy Digital is an initial Usability Analysis. Our expert team will meticulously analyse your website and produce a report for you on the usability mistakes that your websites employs, and tell you how to improve your usability score and hence increase your conversion rate almost immediately.

As well as usability Cozy also analyse your website to evaluate whether you have the right call to actions and USPs on your website, and if so whether or not they are in the best positions on your website to be able to attract the users’ attention and guide them to do what it is that you want them to do on your website.

At the start of your marketing campaign Cozy will set up heatmaps to analyse the clicks that your website’s users make when interacting with your website. This means that further down the line in your campaign Cozy can use the heatmap data as well as data procured from Google Analytics to identify small problems that your users may be having with your website and then perform tests to see how these issues can be taken care of so that your users can more easily use your website and convert the way that you would like them to. Once we identify an issue on your website the best way of testing how that issue can be rectified to the optimal level is by carrying out A/B Testing. A/B Testing works by being able to show your website as it is to 50% of your visitors, and show the other 50% of your visitors the version which we have changed to optimise your conversions. We can then analyse the data received from this test to see if it is best to make the change permanent or not. Using A/B testing to continuously finely tune your website’s usability will mean that your conversion rate is continuously improving and therefore your website will continue to become more and more valuable to your business.

Cozy Digital offers the full spectrum of internet marketing techniques that you need to move your online business in the direction that you want it to. Have a look now at the array of SEO techniques that Cozy Digital use to help your business thrive online, or give us a call now on 0131 560 1790 or send us a message via our simple online contact form.

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