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DIY Optimisation

Is it possible for you to self optimise your website or should you hire professionals? Good question, the quick answer is yes you can, however, if you wanted a car would you build it yourself? The time it would take you to learn how to do it your online business would probably have ran out of money.

SEO is not rocket science, but is very time consuming. If you know nothing at all about it then you have a big learning curve ahead of you. Luckily though there is a wide range of blogs, and websites offering help with website diy optimisation. Unfortunately a lot of these contradict each other. The reason for this a lot of amateurs who to be honest don’t really know what they are talking about offer help with SEO. The other reason that this information can contradict is because what works for one website may not work for another.

Let’s take for example the debate on large websites versus small websites. Some say that large websites are best whereas others say that’s not the case. This all depends on the individual website; a large website with poor quality content would probably not rank well. However, a small website with unique relevant content may in fact rank better. So you see it all depends on the individual website.

So how do you separate the good information from the bad? Well the best place to start is not with SEO companies or website optimisation experts. The best place to start is the search engines themselves. For example Google has a whole section on webmasters guidelines. This is an excellent place to start and you will find information on what Google themselves think is best practice.

The other problem with DIY SEO optimisation is that you may inadvertently do something that will get your website banned from the search engines. Once this happens, good luck in trying to reverse this as the search engines may never reindex your website. I think you will agree that’s a hard lesson to learn. Can you afford to take the time out of your business to do the research and the work needed? I think the answer to that would be no.

So in the end it’s really up to the individual to decide what’s best for their business

One thing that springs to mind is that you should stick to what you’re good at and when your business is at stake is it worth taking the chance?

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