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Ecommerce Features and Benefits Guide

Below you will find an explanation of some of the most common aspects of our ecommerce solutions. We tend to develop new features quicker than we update this site and every single feature is tailored to client specifications but this should help you understand most of the possibilities we offer.

It is important to note that as we build every single feature to your exact requirements (as opposed to our competitors limitations and abilities) that the explanations below are in general. As experienced programmers we can, and will, tailor your site to suit your business needs and if necessary we can develop new solutions.

The features below are in no particular order of importance as different features suit different business situations. Contact us if you would like further information on any of the features below and please do remember this is not a complete list of the features possible from our solutions but just an overview of the most common ones we provide.

Complete Back Office Management System

This is one of the most important aspects of our ecommerce solutions. We will provide you with complete control over every single aspect of your online store through an incredibly simple to use system. We also provide full training and ongoing support for the system.


Why should we restrict your earning potential like some competitors do? All our ecommerce clients are free to add unlimited products to maximise unlimited profits.


Same as above. We do not see the point in creating a restriction on your stores offerings. Why stop our clients from making money?


No limits. The more quality information you can provide to your customers the better, the search engines also love content so why restrict it?


The whole point of the internet is to be able to sell your products without geographical restraints and to reach a wider community. This is why we have built in automatic currency updaters (Powered by Yahoo Finance) allowing your shoppers to purchase your products in any currency.

Popular Products Sections

Automatically displays your most popular products. Just like in a real life shop you display these in the shop window, the website will do this for you to attract more browsers.

Sale Items or Special Offers

Just the same as in your bricks and mortar store. You need an area to announce your special offers, clearance sales, etc

New Products

Where do you place the new products you get in your shop? Towards the front? Same option with your online store. Offer existing customers something new. Offer new customers a reason to come and shop!


Automatically our system conforms to all the UK Data Protection Regulations so you can use the newsletter feature without having to worry about the data protection issues. This is a great marketing tool because interested customers get information about your products, meaning you have a database of potential buyers for your products.

Customer Accounts

Makes life easy for repeat shoppers to your store. The site will recognise (and actually welcome them by name) when they return for repeat business.  Both you and the customer have access to order history etc and we can even build in wholesale and credit accounts if required.

The personalisation goes a long way because whilst e-commerce becomes more and more popular, people still like to be treated as people and all our solutions are tailored towards creating a connection between the shop and the customer.

Search Functions

Lets your customers search for specific products. Why stop them finding what they want? Just like your best sales person can show them the product they ask for our system will as well, but it will also recommend some related products too, so it's probably better.

Advanced Product Display Options

Our old feature allowed shop owners to choose how to display products on variables such as cheapest, most expensive, most / least popular, latest, oldest etc, now your customers can choose their own default options from a simple drop down box as well.

This feature is brilliant because it allows each one of your shoppers to browse your store the way they prefer, in essence it creates their perfect shop.

Featured Product

An automatically or controlled section of the site that displays a random product to catch browsers eyes. Proven to increase sales.

Related or "People who bought this also bought this" product option

A popular feature on big sites, we think this is now a must have for all stores.

Basically, get your website working for you not the other way round. You have sales people in your shop to upsell customers so why not get your website doing the same?

We can create this feature with lots of configurable or automatically set options but ultimately it means if someone buys a shirt for example it will recommend a tie to go with it, or the shoes, or suit etc which increase's sales.

Full tax options and settings

This feature seems a bit obvious, yet many ecom offerings fail to include it.  We can and will tailor this to suit your specific requirements.

Many ecommerce solutions are created from American platforms and may look good until you purchase them and it comes to define options like currency and VAT etc, others have problems with being able to control multiple options such as a clothes shop applying the correct rates to children, adults, overseas customers etc...not us.

We can build in your exact requirements as specified by you, no matter how complex.

Delivery Options

A lot of ecommerce systems out there offer a handful of delivery systems, that may on first glance seem quite complete but once the orders start to come in so do the problems.

We are quite proud of the fact that we can incorporate anything you need. We can build in exact Royal Mail charges, by postcode, by weight, by volume, or cross reference any you other variable that you might need.

Whatever your specific requirement we can do it.

This means your customers are charged exactly the correct rate, which means you are able to offer a better price to the customer than your competitors using inferior or less able ecommerce systems. It also means you will not run the risk of large orders hurting you because of inadequate delivery options.

We have transferred many clients from other systems to ours because of the benefit of this feature alone.

Payment Options

We see a lot of ecommerce providers try to "push" the gateway options that gave them "kickbacks" or to "encourage" their clients to use a select few because they were limited to the "easier to integrate" options.

We don't think your website provider should restrict or limit your choice at all, so we don't!!

Your personal business manager will help you evaluate and decide between the best offering to suit your business model but the final decision is yours and we will build it into your ecommerce site. However is you would like to compare the most popular payment gateways and review their prices to best decide on what is right for you visit our payment gateways page for some impartial  advice.

Unlike our competitors we do not restrict your options because of our limitations, because we do not have any!

This is yet another reason why many of our clients have switched their ecommerce sites onto the Cozy Digital platforms. The freedom to use the most economically advantageous payment provider has saved our clients thousands of pounds.

Bespoke Design

Your unique and so is your business, and so will your website be if you choose Cozy Digital to build it.


This is just an overview of some of our most common features that we build into our ecommerce solutions.

We approach every new client as a fresh canvas and not only will your design reflect your companys individuality but we will also tailor each feature to suit your business needs and requirements.

As hardcore programmers we will even write any new features you may have requirements for, and have done so for many clients already.

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