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Ethical SEO

At Cozy Digital we are very proud of our ethical SEO practices and we have a strong code of ethics when it comes to our SEO techniques. We feel so strongly about this that we decided to produce this SEO code of conduct to show how ethical SEO should be used when optimising a website for the search engines.

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SEO Code of Conduct

An ethical SEO company will:

  • Never knowingly involve themselves in any tactics or behaviours that will harm a client. This would mean not engaging in black hat SEO that could result in a client getting banned from the search engines.
  • Always follow the search engines’ guidelines and never knowingly be in breach of these guidelines.
  • Never breach a client’s confidentiality. As it is necessary for SEO purposes to gain access to a client’s website an ethical SEO company will never make public any of their private data i.e., passwords, login details etc.
  • Never claim someone else’s work as their own, whereas some unethical SEO companies can do this to falsely enhance their company portfolio to inaccurately display their success.
  • Always grant permission to contact their clients for a reference, if the client has no objections to this. In some cases the client may not want to be contacted and their confidentiality must be respected.
  • Never make a site look like something it isn’t and will never display different information to the search engines to what an actual website visitor will see. This would mean never using cloaking or redirects to knowingly deceive the search engines.
  • Never publicly discredit former clients or competitors even though they may have engaged in black hat SEO techniques. It wouldn’t be professional for a SEO company to engage in these tactics.
  • Always keep up to date with current ethical techniques and continually educate and train their staff in the most current search engine guidelines. The nature of the ever changing SEO industry demands that SEO companies stay informed of the current trends and techniques.
  • Never mislead their client about their abilities or knowledge in the field of search engine optimisation.
  • Never set unachievable goals when dealing with a client, and will never promise to achieve something that is knowingly unachievable.
  • Always keep the client up to date with how they are achieving their listings. For example all search engine ranking reports produced by a SEO company should be accurate to time of the report being generated.
  • Always work to their best ability for their clients.
  • Never place hidden links on a client’s website.
  • Always make themselves available where possible for customer support within the agreed times by the company and the client. As most SEO companies cannot make themselves available twenty four hours a day for customer support both parties should be in agreement of when these times should be.

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