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Link Building Methods

With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates not all methods of link building are as effective as they used to be. Back in the days of old SEO tactics submitting your website to many online directories and article sites was a sure fire way of increasing your link count and hence improving your search engine results. Nowadays not only are tactics like these of no benefit, they can also be damaging to your search engine results.

Also, not too many moons ago, a successful method used by some SEO link builders was to buy links from other websites just for the purpose of increasing your link score within the eyes of the search engines, and therefore improving your rankings in the likes of Google. Nowadays of course Google is much more complex and intelligent, and methods of buying links will most likely get you punished by Google; where you will be given a penalty resulting in a drop in your Google rankings, which will usually lead to a hefty drop in your website’s traffic.

So nowadays more than ever it is vitally important to make sure that any link building that you do is ethical and worthwhile. Enticing natural links is important: when you populate your website with creative copywriting that engages your customers and visitors then it encourages them to link to your website from their websites and blogs. These are the kinds of links that Google loves. As well as creating great content on your own website, to make people want to link to you, you can also guest write for other websites and blogs. As well as adding a bio section where you can directly link back to your website from someone else’s website this guest writing can also help you to gain a larger target audience, who could also start reading the content on your own website, and if your content is creative and engaging they may link to your website, hence building those quality natural links that Google loves so much.

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