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Ongoing Monthly SEO

As most people know nowadays; SEO isn’t a magic one off service that you can buy to help you rank highly in the search engines. There is indeed a lot of work involved in the initial SEO of your website, but once all of that initial work has been performed it is important to ensure that your website has the essential SEO work performed on it every month. Everything from building the right links, creating the right content and making sure that your social media accounts are kept up-to-date and engaging are essential in keeping the good rankings that you have gained, and improving on those rankings.

Without having ongoing monthly SEO performed on your website your search engine rankings are likely to start to drop off, and if you just ignore your internet marketing strategies altogether your website is likely to drop off the first page for any keyphrases within time.

Whether you have taken on a large SEO package or a basic SEO package it is important that you keep up that ongoing monthly SEO. SEO isn’t just a matter of convincing the search engines that you should be ranked well, but it is also an ongoing battle with your competitors for those highly sought after first page positions. If you stop your monthly SEO you can be sure that your competition haven’t stopped theirs and it’s only a matter of time before more and more of them surpass you in the rankings, until sooner or later you are back to where you started in the first place: without any rankings and wondering how your website can bring you in some business.

At Cozy Digital we know the importance of a continual monthly SEO strategy. We design our monthly strategies around you, to make sure that your monthly SEO package is designed around what your website needs to flourish, and what you as a business need your website to do for you.

Cozy Digital offer great affordable SEO packages, but more than that Cozy offer you profitable SEO packages. Many clients have come to us in the past asking for an affordable SEO package and we have explained to them that the only time an SEO package is not affordable is when that SEO package produces no return on the investment. Some clients only want to spend a small budget on their SEO but have failed to grasp that if you spend pennies on your online marketing campaign then you are not going to get a good return on your investment and hence the SEO campaign will actually not be an affordable campaign as it is costing money rather than making money. It is important to remember that an affordable SEO package is simply a profitable SEO package. Cozy Digital design your SEO package to meet your aims, therefore creating an effective and profitable SEO package for you.

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