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SEO Usabilty

Do you force your users to think?  After all if you find a website hard to use, do you use it?

One of the worst things any website can do is to forget about their users. They are the people you want to utilise and if you don’t make their life as easy as possible, all the traffic in the world will not help your website reach its goals.Would you like to:

  • Stop your visitors abandoning your shopping cart?
  • Increase your conversions, and therefore profits?
  • Ensure that even the most technophobic person can use your website with ease?

You could spend thousands of pounds on a beautiful website, spend an infinite amount of money on driving traffic to it and yet still not get a good return on your investment if your users can’t actually use your website effectively. That’s where usability comes in.

What do we do to make your users happy?

Cozy Digital has a team dedicated to usability. They will assess all the problems your users are facing and offer solutions that will remove these issues and make your visitors lives easy. 

  • Users don’t want to think – so we make decisions, like what to click, easy for them
  • Users don’t read websites – so we make them scannable
  • Users hate busy websites – so we help cut out what is putting them off
  • Users like conventions – so we look at which ones you are missing
  • Users like to find their way around easily – so we optimise your navigation
  • Users are nervous – so we make your website or online store trustworthy
  • Users hate slow or faulty websites – so we address all your performance issues

Aren’t users fussy…

When we show you all the points where your users are having difficulties using your site, you will probably be quite shocked. Luckily many of the changes required are simple but will have a dramatic effect on the success of your website.

Cozy Digital provide a usability analysis and report as part of all their SEO packages or can offer a standalone usability consultation. Plus they offer advanced usability testing which involves a high level of A/B research, redesigning, content writing and much more.

Now pick a button, any button…

Still not sure which package is the right fit for you?

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