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The Best SEO Company in the World


Are Cozy Digital the best SEO company in Scotland? the UK? or even the World?

Chances are you were either referred to us by one of our clients who have been blown away by the success we have brought them or you found us via a Google search.  We already rank high on the Search Engines for most of the keyphrases we want to rank for such as SEO, Ethical SEO, seo Edinburgh and even DIY optimisation to name but a few and we are always up for a challange.  We thought it would be fun to see if we could rank highly for the keyphrase "the best SEO company in the world" because we think we are at least amongst the best if not the best so lets give it a go and see if Google agrees.

Most people are familar with search engines as they form part of our everday life and generally most people will use a search query consisting of a few words to find what they are looking for.  Did you know that "every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe in 181 countries and 146 languages" getting your business to the forefront of these searches can be critical in ensuring your business gets the opportunity to win new clients and survive in todays high level of competition. 

So, how do you go about ensuring your business is top of the list?  Firstly, you need to think about who your potential clients are and what they would search for when looking for a new supplier.

Using ourselves as a case study and considering the 4 key phrases I have already referred to above, each have varying levels of difficulty to achieve for and have different considerations, target audiences and success rates in converting traffic into enquiries and ultimately into new business.  Lets look at each one in turn:

1. SEO - short for Search Engine Optimisation returns around 760 million results in a Google.co.uk search compared to a search for Search Engine Optimisation which returns just over 8 million.  There are over 40,000 searches (estimated data from Google Analytics)  per month in the UK alone.  Therefore there are a lot more pages listed and potentially a higher level of competition for a first page result.  There are several reasons for this, SEO is also a royal Korean family name for example so as a keyphrase it has more than one relevancy. Most people are lazy and we all love our acronyms so typing seo instead of search engine optimisation into the search box is quicker. 

Cozy Digital tends to be on the first page of searches in the UK for SEO and it generates a good volume of traffic for our website and in turn some enquiries but realistically the vast majority of people searching for this are looking for information first and foremost.

2. Ethical SEO -We have ranked on the first page for this key phrase for years and are very proud of our approach to the seo services we provide to our customers. To learn more about this you can read more here.  Weighing in with over 1.5 million results in a Google.co.uk search this is still quite a competitive keyphrase but again the conversion from traffic to business is small because most people searching for this tend to be researching and looking for information not looking for a new SEO supplier.

3. SEO Edinburgh or indeed Edinburgh SEO - Cozy Digital are based in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and its keyphrases like this that are our bread and butter.  The actual number of searches done on this keyphrase number in the hundreds, but the conversion of searches, to visitors to our site to new customers is very high.  This is because people looking for an SEO company in Edinburgh will tend to search for that exact phrase (SEO company in Edinburgh) or shorten it to seo edinburgh or similar.

4. DIY Optimisation - I use this one as an example of how you should think about what your target audience is going to type into Google to find you not what you and your colleagues within your industry would use.  With under a million competing pages, Cozy always rank high for this search but it generates little traffic and little conversions, however we have had fantastic feedback from clients who originally found us under this or similar searches, used the free seo or diy seo information from our site and managed to increase their online busines.  Eventually these clients went as far as they could and when it was the appropiate time to call in the professionals they came back to us.

For a lot of businesses its not just about winning that client right now but a process of building the relationship up together so if you want to be great and considered amongst the best companies in the world at what you do then be prepared to put in the hard work and think long term.

Think about what questions your potential customers are asking themselves, their colleagues, the search engines and provide the answers.  This may involve giving away free information or letting your competitors know what your doing but if your good and your constantly at the front of your industry, pushing the boundaries then your competitors will always be one step behind.

Theres no blackhat SEO or mystical techniques involved.  Simply ensure your website is well designed and built.  Has strong, original content that is updated frequently with focus on what matters to your customers.  Engage in social marketing like Facebook and Twitter and be there to assist your small customers today because tomorrow they will be your big customers.

If your are looking for more information on anything SEO related then browse our site as we aim to answer any quesions you may have, if you have a question and cant locate the answer then please do contact us and we will be happy to assist you where we can.

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