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WikiLeaks Fails To Uncover Cozy Digital SEO’s New Top Secret SEO Project

Discover the top secret WikiLeaks failed to pick up on…and it’s a biggy!

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New Google Analytics Features – Intelligence Engine Boost


Find out your major contributors and get alerts to your email or even by text message…

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Cozy Digital's Guide to Writing Effective Product Descriptions


Our top tips for producing irresistible product descriptions.

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Ramsay’s Web Wire – Issue #23: Ecommerce and Facebook Funny Money


This week, everybody’s trying to get rich online as the top search engine providers help out and Facebook makes up it’s own money. Think I might try that.

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Cozy Digital Move Forward With Microsoft Partnership

Cozy Digital take steps towards full Microsoft partnership with advanced Microsoft systems integration.

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Cozy Digital is Now Faster than 90% of All Websites according to Google Webmaster Tools

Cozy Digital feel the need for speed as they reach the top 10% for website speed according to Google Webmaster Tools.

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Security Conscious Cozy Digital working in partnership with McAfee

Cozy Digital team up with McAfee to provide unrivalled online security to their clients.

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Facebook Take Over Websites… In a Good Way!


Facebook now has a range of social networking plug-ins which you can slap onto your own website with just one simple line of HTML per plug-in. Simples.

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Cozy Digital TV to Offer Video Help

The Cozy Digital blog has been a terrific source of information for a substantial time now, but there is exciting news that Cozy Digital TV will soon appear on YouTube.

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Will You Opt Out of Analytics?

Google Logo

In the coming weeks Google Analytics are set to release a new plug-in to allow users to opt out of having their information taken through Analytics. This could be detrimental to businesses, but are Google doing this in the interest of fairness or are they under some pressure.

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