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3 smart tactics for your guest posting SEO strategy

Guest posting for SEO [featured_image]

Back in the good old days, you could manipulate the search engines as long as you had some extra money lying around.

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How to create a ‘Super List Post’ to skyrocket your SEO efforts

Create super list posts for SEO [featured_image]

I don’t know if you’ve even noticed it because they’re all over the place at the moment, but nearly every blogger under the sun produces lots of list posts on a constant basis.

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SEO and why its important for your business

Are Cozy Digital the best seo company in the world?

Search engine optimisation will form an integral part of your business, or it should if you’re smart because the benefits well outweigh the costs.

When you first start to tackle certain keywords you won’t suddenly appear at the top of the search engines overnight. Google takes its time working out where your true place in their search engine should be, but at the end of the day the winner always comes out on top.

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Why Invest In Content Marketing?

A well though-out, carefully-planned content marketing campaign can bring a myriad of benefits to your business: let’s learn why this is the case…

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Why Creative Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Brand

High-quality creative copywriting is a vital component of any marketing campaign: Let’s find out why this is the case…

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What is Your Sites Link Profile Saying about You?

Contrasting Chain Links

Is your sites link profile in ship shape? Are you sure. Here we review 5 key factors within your link profile that could be having a significant impact.


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Can a Small On-line Business Really Compete with the Big Boys?


If you’ve considered starting your own business on-line then you will have no doubt considered how difficult it could be to compete with the big players in your field. Here we look at how you can find your place in the online market place.


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WikiLeaks Fails To Uncover Cozy Digital SEO’s New Top Secret SEO Project

Discover the top secret WikiLeaks failed to pick up on…and it’s a biggy!

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Google Explains How Its Robot Works


Here is a great new information and tutorial source for SEOs and webmasters looking to control the crawling and indexing of their site.

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Your Cozy Digital Gentlemen Grow Moustaches To Support Men’s Health

Find out how MOU’s SEO Ninjas and Wed Design Masters are doing their bit for Prostate Cancer this month by growing moustaches to raise money. Movember is a global awareness and fundraising campaign with a facial hair centric twist.

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