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Search The Human Body With Google Body Browser


Try Google’s fully explorable human body, as long as you have an HTML5 compatible browser…

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How the Internet Works and Other Stories…by Google


Read Google’s lovely new book with lots of cool pictures and some great basic information on everything from: What is an IP to Browser Extensions…

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Google Say HTML5 Rocks!


HTML5 gets further backing with a range of new examples from Google developed for Chrome.

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YouTube Talks Flash and HTML5 Video


YouTube Software Engineer John Harding enlightens us on their attitudes to HTML5-based video.

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Ramsay’s Web Wire – Issue #17: Google Gets World Cup Fever


Well, the countdown to the World Cup is finally over with Mexico and South Africa kicking off the celebrations later today. But even with the main event taking over, the internet stops for no man and neither does SEO. But there’s no reason the World Cup and Internet news can’t go hand in hand. After […]

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Apple Showcase HTML5


The HTML5 bandwagon roles on as Apple Showcase some funky features.

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Could HTML5 Take Down Flash in the Future?

Despite HTML5 still being a work in progress most top browsers are already catering for the features of early drafts of the technology providing enhanced control without the need for plug-in technologies. What could this next big step in HTML mean for plug-in based technologies and importantly Flash developers?

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