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How the Internet Works and Other Stories…by Google

Once upon a time some scientists invented the internet…

Now Google have produced a book to showcase some HTML5 action and to teach you about how good their browser is at doing all the stuff being online involves, both behind the scenes and on screen. The book is indeed an excellent application of HTML5 technology at work which you can use online or offline and is of course yet more clever marketing from Google, (which I am helping with by passing this on).

Having said this, the book looks great and is a well produced basic informational source which could be really helpful for beginners. Plus it can be viewed in any HTML5 compliant browser so you don’t have to have Chrome to read it.

Click here to read the book: 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Chapters are as follows…

  1. What is the internet?
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Web Apps
  4. HTML, JavaScript, CSS and More
  5. HTML5
  6. 3D in the Browser
  7. A Browser Madrigal
  8. Plug-Ins
  9. Browser Extensions
  10. Synchronising the Browser
  11. Browser Cookies
  12. Browsers and Privacy
  13. Malware, Phishing and Security Risks
  14. How Modern Browsers Protect You From Malware and Phishing
  15. Using Web Addresses to Stay Safe
  16. IP Addresses and DNS
  17. Validating Identities Online
  18. Evolving to a Faster Web
  19. Open Source and Browsers
  20. 19 Things Later…

Did you learn anything new?

I really like the illustrations actually, which were done by Christoph Niemann who has a great blog in the New York Times called Abstract City.

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