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New Anti-Malware Search Engine Security Firefox Add-On to Protect Your Search Results

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Find out why search engines are becoming a haven for malware and what you and Firefox can do about it.

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WordPress Security – Essential Top Tips To Protect Your Blog!


Want to guard your blog against hacking? Read on…

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Major vBulletin Software Flaw Leaves You Vulnerable to Hack Attack

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Important information on critical security flaws in latest vBulletin Software.

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Is Google Killing Web Analytics?


Google’s new secured search option may have some wide ranging implications.

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Yahoo and Hotmail United in Battle Against Spam

Both Yahoo and Hotmail are hot on the trails of the Spam Scoundrels and with new technologies and approaches they are catching and corraling them.

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Google Padlocks Search


Google increases security by offering a secured web search option.

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Is The UK Waking Up To Online Security?


A recent Ofcom report shows that people may becoming more internet security savvy.

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Google On The Lookout for Malicious ‘Anti-Virus’ Software


We look at a worrying trend in malicious fake anti-virus software and detail some tips to keeping you safe.

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Twitter Tackles Malicious Links

Following on from twitter warning their users about 'phishing' attacks earlier this month, they are now implementing  procedures to help safeguard users clicking links…

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