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Google Issues Security Email For Website Optimiser

Google has issued a rare security email about potential issues that could result (if the site / browser had already been compromised) in malicious code being executed on a site. Although they are saying that any immediate chance of this happening is low, they are advising web masters to update any potentially vulnerable code.

The email basically tells users to stop, remove, and then re-create any experiments that were created before the 3rd of December. This applies even to experiments that are not currently running – that code needs to be removed / updated. New experiments are not vulnerable.

To create a new experiment Google is advising:

  1. Stop any experiments that are currently running.
  2. Remove any scripts from Website Optimiser that are on your site.
  3. Create a new experiment.

There is also the option to update the actual code on your site directly, although Google is advising users to take the first option of recreating the experiments as this is a much easier process.

There seems to be nothing on the Official Google Blog about this currently but if we get any more information we will be sure to bring it to you.

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