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Can a Small On-line Business Really Compete with the Big Boys?


If you’ve considered starting your own business on-line then you will have no doubt considered how difficult it could be to compete with the big players in your field. Here we look at how you can find your place in the online market place.


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MOU Grand Prix: Falkirk Night Race

A race of thrills spills and controversy…and a good time had by all!

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Would the Pope Prefer Internet Explorer 9?

IE9 Logo

The release of IE9 has those in the Vatican buzzing about the new HTML5 support…

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And Our Survey Says! (Test Confirmation)

The test landing page of a small SEO experiment.

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Facebook Credits to Challenge US Dollar


The world’s first global currency is here…

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Cozy Digital Grand Prix – Race Report

Cozy Digital’s spectacular Grand Prix at Raceland took place this weekend in the baking sunshine. Read the report with all the thrills, spills, winners and losers.

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Google Open-Sources Tracking Technology


Google’s rlz library goes open-source.

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iPad – The Beginning of the End for the PC?


Pope Steve Jobs talks about his vision of the future, amongst other things at the D8 in California. Is this the end for the PC?

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Chrome is Catching Up


Statistics show that Google Chrome is catching up with its browser competitors and that IE is still on the down turn. But where will we be in 5 years?

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How The Race Was Won

On March the 21st was a big day in the race world as Cozy Digital staff did battle at Raceland for the coveted Cowpat Cup. Spirits were high, in particular Ben McLennan (in stereotypical North American arrogance) believed that he would wipe the floor with Kevin, but as the statistics will show this was not […]

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