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Stay on top of your Social Media Marketing with these 3 tips

Stay on top of your Social Media Marketing with these 3 tips

‘These days, Social Media is a vital part of the online marketing landscape which should never be neglected’.  Yes, you’ve probably heard this rhetoric a thousand times before, but staying on top of your social media marketing campaign is often easier said than done when you have countless other marketing activities to take care of – not to mention the day-to-day running of your business.

Tip 1: Draw up a plan and keep to it

For Social Media Marketing to be successful, consistency is the key: You need to keep serving fresh, valued content to your existing audience on a regular basis, with no exceptions.  Over time, your enthusiasm – and patience – can start to dwindle – your mind will be drawn to other things: And before you know it, your social feeds will become abandoned ghost-towns as you forget to update them.  Before you let this happen, draw up a reasonable, realistic plan of action which details:

  • How often you’ll post
  • Which social platforms will be used
  • How much time can be spent on each social post on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Armed with your new plan, it becomes far easier to stay up-to-date with your social media streams and not lose sight of your goals.

Tip 2: Use a scheduler to avoid missing out  

Sometimes, knowing when to post can be just as important as knowing what to post: Today’s analytical tools can reveal valuable insights which can help you to plan ahead for maximum impact, but sometimes these goals can slip – deadlines can be missed and opportunities squandered if you fail to get that next big post published in time.  Luckily, there are a number of scheduling tools out there which can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, meaning that content can be prepared in batches, planned in advance and set to publish at a predetermined time.

Tip 3: Pay attention to your analytics   

Sometimes it makes sense to experiment with a new approach so that you can reach a wider audience, or to boost interactions on social media: But you should never lose sight of your core audience.  Often, it becomes possible to find yourself in a bit of a pickle: Your loyal followers will come to expect content that is familiar and useful to them, but by failing to try new things, you’ll limit your potential to reach a new audience.  There is no ‘cure-all’ approach to attracting new contacts without alienating your current audience, but it really pays to carefully monitor all of your analytics whenever you try something which is a little bit different from your normal approach.  By the same token, it is also important to stay fresh and avoid stagnating by mixing things up a little bit.  The secret to staying on top is to keep your eyes on the prize: In this case, it will mean monitoring your social media goals using in-depth analytics and to directly interact with your audience in order to find out what is working – and what needs to be scrapped.

About Graham Lyons

Graham is the SEO and Social Media Marketing Manager at Cozy Digital and the editor of the Cozy Digital Blog as well as contributing content for most of our social outlets like Facebook, Twitter and G+. Graham has been working in, and writing for the SEO / SMM industry since 2001 and is still as dedicated and passionate today as he was when he opened his first Website Design, Ecommerce and SEO company in 2004. You can connect with Graham and Cozy Digital via the social media links below:

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