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Advanced Preview of iPhone and Android Rival – Windows Phone 7 OS

Not long to go now until the official release of Microsoft’s big attempt at producing a real viable rival to the iPhone and Android operating systems. The launch is rumoured to be happening on the 11th October and thanks to this comparison you can see the Windows 7 interface being compared to the iPhone.


The phone shown in the video is just a prototype Windows Phone 7 device but the operating system is apparently a ready to go version, so it should be exactly like that. If this is so then it seems Microsoft have missed out on a key opportunity.

Should They Have Targeted Business Customers First?

Now Microsoft might not like to admit it, but they might have missed the consumer boat. It feels like with Apple and Google having both produced operating systems which have proved incredibly popular with consumers there is nothing extra Microsoft could bring to the table to propel people towards their system.

“The device emphasis is clearly a consumer device,” said Foster. “[WP7's predecessor] Windows Mobile was a very successful business app, but the world changed with a focus on the consumer viewpoint. So we have rebooted our mobile phone product by delivering – along with Windows Mobile, because it still exists there under our Windows Embedded team – a consumer-focused Windows Phone 7.” – ISV developer Paul Foster.

It may be a bit of a gamble to try and weigh into the consumer market when people already familiar with their platform for business use are hoping for an updated business experience but are instead left high and dry with a refocused OS. Will business enterprises be patient enough to wait for an updated business version of the OS, especially when there is as yet no way to upload private apps?

One important thing missing from what I can see on the Win Phone 7 is a personality. While iPhone’s hardware gives the phone its personality, Android draws its personality from its attractive flexible interface, Win Phone 7 looks like it has tried to be cool but ended up looking bland and overly simple. Anyway let’s wait and see what the final package is like before going any further.

In what circumstance would choose a Windows Phone 7 over an iPhone or an Android?

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