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Google Zeitgeist 2010: What Have You Been Searching For Planet Earth?

Every year Google releases their zeitgeist which lists what the world has been searching for this year. This can give a unique insight to our world which is unlike any other poll. There are many ways to break down the results: most popular pages don’t change that often because things like Facebook or YouTube are always going to be popular. But it is the ‘fastest rising searches’ which can be most interesting as this shows the new people and events which have become popular in the year.

The UK’s top ten fastest rising searches are as follows:

  1. Chatroulette
  2. Formspring
  3. Ipad
  4. Justin Bieber
  5. World Cup 2010
  6. FB
  7. Santander
  8. Hotmail sign in
  9. Youtube
  10. Metcheck

The most interesting search on this list is certainly chatroulette. If you haven’t heard of this website, it is basically a video chat room which matches you up randomly with another person anywhere in the world at the click of a button and lets you endlessly jump from new person to new person. Some people use it to meet new people, make a statement or just to do something dirty.

Google Zeitgeist has lists for lots of countries which, by rooting through other countries lists, can give you an idea of what the country has been thinking about in the last year. For example, the most searched for TV program in Finland is ‘Big Brother’, the 10th fastest growing search in the Ukraine is ‘swimsuits 2010’ and the most popular search in India this year is ‘songs’.

What I would imagine Google is hoping will be at the top of the list next year is their new operating system: Cr48 Chrome OS. At present this is only available to a select few groups of people who will be tasked with testing and giving feedback before Google go anywhere near a proper public release. One of the features of Google’s OS, which they are handing out on Google laptops, is that it is designed to be used entirely in conjunction with the cloud. This means that, as this video demonstrates, you can stop worrying about losing all your information when you lose your laptop because everything will be kept on the cloud no matter what happens to your computer.


Great video but I fear no acting Oscars will be heading in this guys direction any time soon.

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