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How Do Twitter & Facebook’s 2010 Trends Compare With Google’s?

As you may have read last week in my blog post about Google’s Zeitgeist 2010, Google every year produces a bunch of tables listing all the most popular and fastest rising searches made over the course of the year. Not to be outdone and seeing as it’s almost Christmas, Twitter and Facebook have also come up with Zietgeist-like lists themselves:


Their list grabs the most common topics, phrases and words used in status updates:

  1. HMU (hit me up)
  2. World Cup (including team names and results etc)
  3. Movies (including Toy Story 3, Iron Man2 and others)
  4. iPad & iPhone
  5. Haiti
  6. Justin Bieber
  7. Games on Facebook (including ‘barn raising’, Frontierville and others)
  8. Mineros/Miners (Chilean Miners)
  9. Airplanes
  10. 2011

‘HMU’ was the biggest surprise as it was a relatively unheard of phrase before this year. A sign of the welcome fluidity of language no doubt.


Twitter’s list takes on a more similar style to Google’s in that it tracked ‘overall trends’ as well as trends for groups like ‘news’, ‘movies’, ‘TV’ and ‘people’. Here is just the overall top ten:

1. Gulf Oil Spill

2. FIFA World Cup

3. Inception (great film – check it out)

4. Haiti Earthquake

5. Vuvuzela

6. Apple iPad

7. Google Android

8. Justin Bieber

9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

10. Pulpo Paul

So what common phrases do these three platforms share?

The Ultimate Zeitgeist list you might say…

  1. World Cup
  2. iPad
  3. Justin Bieber

What does this say about our 2010?

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