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Facebook Login Issues? Don’t Blame Google

Ok now, honestly, just how many times have you typed a webpage name into Google rather than remembering the URL by yourself? I’m sure my Google cookie is brimmed with company names that I simply can’t, or just don’t bother, to learn their actual address. Well, it seems that I’m not alone…

Google logo (Image Courtesy of Google)

Google logo (Image Courtesy of Google)

IT news site, The Register, has a news piece about just this issue. It seems that a website called ReadWriteWeb posted an article about Facebook and AOL announcing a partnership where Facebook friends would be incorporated into AOL Instant Messenger. The title of this article is “Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login” so, for a while, this article appeared at the top of the Google search results for the keyphrase “Facebook login”.

Surely this isn’t an issue though? People would spot that pretty quickly, right? Apparently not..

Some of the comments under the ReadWriteWeb article, posted by people apparently looking for Facebook, are priceless:

“The new facebook sucks> NOW LET ME IN.”



And we definitely can’t forget:


This has become enough of an issue that the site now has a small passage to educate way-ward visitors:

“Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook. This is a website called ReadWriteWeb that reports on news about Facebook and other Internet services. ” etc…

Anyone else think it’s slightly worrying that the average Facebook user can so easily be fooled into thinking that this site was in-fact a redesigned site?

Seems like this is not an isolated incident though. If you search on Google for “Cancel Google” you actually reach another site, Gadgetopia, where similarly confused users seem to have congregated.

So what have we learned? Well, with online data security being a recent hot topic, it pays to make sure which site you are actually entering your login details into. Although its not the end of the world if someone get your social networking login, if the same were to happen to online banking details then it’s a much more serious business.

Click safe out there!

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