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Google Adwords Wants To Make It Big On Youtube

If you are part of a cutting edge industry or are targeting media savvy net users, then there is a strong possibility you have wondered if normal AdWords advertising is, on its own, the best method of reaching your target audience. We talked yesterday about YouTube’s 5th Birthday, so it’s a good time to throw some light on the possibilities that advertising which appears before, on and around those videos can bring to advertisers.

The AdWords powered ‘YouTube Video Targeting Tool’ has 3 simple steps for accessing this powerful resource.

  1. Search for the videos that you would like to have your add associated with – this can be done via keyword or even by the popularity of that video in your target market.
  2. Simply select the specific videos or even types of video that you are interested in advertising alongside.
  3. You can choose between an ‘in stream’ ad that will show before the video plays, or an overlay ad that appears along the bottom of the video. Both options also feature a ‘companion ad’ that sits alongside the video on the same page. This ad is visible for the whole duration of the video.

More information can be found on the Inside AdWords blog where details of a webinar on May 19th are being announced.  You can also visit the YouTube Video Targeting Tool page.

Here is a flashy video explaining YouTube advertising:


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