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We Love Web Analytics TV – Episode 14

Having made it into the office through horrendous snow drifts, apocalyptic scenes of abandoned lorries and an upside down Fiat Punto, so casually tossed aside by a snow plough, it was a happy morning watching the latest episode of Web Analytics TV that lay ahead of me.

Avinash and Nick did not disappoint with a whole host of great answers to some up to the minute GA based questions that can really help any analytical explorer.

A particularly interesting question revolved around small business websites with few visitors and how to judge how many monthly visits are needed for them to be considered statistically significant. Avinash suggested you check out his article on this subject to find out more and to access a spreadsheet which will allow you to accurately predict success by just punching in your figures.

Here is the whole episode with all the questions listed below with time marker.


  • (0:30) Tracking dynamic/variable goal values in Google Analytics
  • (1:50) How to determine if async ga.js has loaded for outbound link tracking
  • (4:00) How GA tracks sessions/visits with tabbed browsing
  • (6:38) Adding event tracking to links without a lot of manual work
  • (8:26) Best practices for passing campaign data via custom variables
  • (10:15) Is there a way to export data from an old profile to a new one?
  • (11:10) Ways to rollup data across accounts for custom dashboards
  • (12:20) In page analytics with sites that changes content very quickly
  • (13:30) Reasons why AdWords data in the API is a bit behind the other data
  • (14:40) Native call tracking with Google Analytics
  • (15:47) Why transaction and goal metrics might differ for the same page
  • (17:30) Ways to track different links on a page that point to the same destination
  • (20:18) Sharing advanced segments and custom reports with others
  • (21:12) How to link many AdWords accounts into Google Analytics
  • (21:50) Using autotagging to avoid AdWords-GA integration issues
  • (22:47) How many visits do you need to determine statistical significance
  • (25:10) How to track pay pal with Google Analytics
  • (26:20) How reliable are city level metrics in Google Analytics
  • (27:53) Good metrics to track the effectiveness of knowledge base articles

Did you learn anything new?

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