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Three smart social media tips you cant afford to ignore

Three smart social media tips you can’t afford to ignore featured image

Just because you already actively use social media as part of your online marketing strategy doesn’t mean that you are necessarily squeezing every last drop of marketing juice out of your assorted accounts.

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How to make social media work for you

how to make social media work featured image

Despite the fact that Facebook has only been around since 2004, if it were a country, it’d have the 3nd largest population in the world (after China and India), with its 1 Billion + users. 

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Connect with Cozy Digital on Tsu


It’s not every day that a new social network comes out which catches our attention: After all, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other big names all carving their own niche, where is the room for another one?

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3 Top Marketing Mistakes in Social Media


Businesses make a considerable number of mistakes using social media but some have more damaging potential than others. Here are three common mistakes you want to avoid if you want to successfully utilize social media for your business.

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Current and Noteworthy Trends in Social Media Marketing


E commerce is probably one of the most rapidly-changing business models in the world. We are forced constantly to evolve and re-align and it is an ever-increasing learning curve. But there are currently three trends in Social Media that have been prevalent so far in 2014 that are worth noting and understanding. Here is a brief overview of each.

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Leverage Your Customers to Drive Search Traffic to Your Site


Find out how to harness people power to improve your search engine rankings…

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Finding the Best Website Link Building Techniques


Link Building can be a tricky old game. Find out some of the good methods and those that should probably be avoided.

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Think Before You Post

For the last four years Safer Internet Day has set out to promote appropriate use of the web making it safer for young children and young adults. This year they're promoting the slogan 'think before you post' so that more users will think about how posting certain pictures and information might effect others.

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Googles Social Search Results

Google Logo

Google's new Social Search feature is now available to anyone providing a more personalised way to use the search engine. Find out how you can use it to benefit your searches and get the personal information from your social circle that you want.

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