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Warning! Google Android Under Attack!

“Danger Will Robinson!”

With Android doing so well, it is unsurprising that the world’s techy evil doers have been throwing their dark sides into overdrive to try and catch out some innocent new Android users, and their first gambit has been uncovered. The first booby-trapped app for Android was uncovered by Kaspersky Lab, according to their website on 9th August. This Trojan-SMS (full name: Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a) poses as a media player, which once on your phone, starts to send out premium rate text messages potentially transferring lots of your cash to those of the evil ones. Here are some details of the Trojan from Jon.Oberheide.org.

“The IT market research and analysis organization IDC has noted that those selling devices running Android are experiencing the highest growth in sales among smartphone manufacturers. As a result, we can expect to see a corresponding rise in the amount of malware targeting that platform,” says Denis Maslennikov, Mobile Research Group Manager at Kaspersky Lab.

The best way to avoid receiving any malicious applications is by making sure that you only download apps from a source you trust, such as the Android app store. When you install an app on your Android phone, you will be asked to approve what in your phone the app has access to. A common one is the sleep function so that it can stop your phone from sleeping while running the app. To be safe you should check through these before you approve the installation, and look out for anything you think the app shouldn’t have access to. (If you are in doubt check to see if anyone online has been having an issue with this app.)

12th August?

It may well just be a coincidence but Google have a Google Mobile event planned for 12th August. Gizmodo reported that they had received an invitation to the event which hinted at the unveiling of some new mobile features. Last time for example Google Maps Navigation was launched at such an event. Here are some of the suggestions as to what will be announced being bounced around at present:

All eyes and ears will be primed for the announcement of some cool new features, but as Google Maps Navigation was relatively unexpected last time, there is a chance it could be something quite surprising. My guess is that it may well be the complete official release of Flash 10.1 across the whole range of Android phones. Here’s a look at what Flash looks like on your mobile:


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