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Why Creative Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Brand

If ‘content is king’, then high-quality, unique and relevant content is a galactic emperor!

Creative copywriting is an important skill that can be used to promote a business, individual, brand or idea – but what makes the difference between effective copy and content which just doesn’t cut it?

Effective copywriting should:

  • Engage a target audience: and then encourage them to read on once their attention has been captured.
  • Fill readers with confidence and build positive associations: Accurate, well-researched or entertaining copy that offers something of real value to readers can help to build confidence in a brand and raise its profile.
  • Encourage a response: Whilst copy can help to create positive associations with a brand, sometimes a more direct call to action is required: this is where the skill of a copywriter can really make or break the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

What is creative copywriting typically used for?

Boosting sales

Copywriters today produce work that can end up getting distributed across many different media: from corporate websites to printed publications, blogs to social media – in most cases, the goal of reaching a target audience with this material is to allow an effective sales pitch to be delivered.

Improving search engine results

Optimising websites to achieve improved rankings in the search engines for targeted key-phrases is an ever-evolving science in its own right, however, the art of effective copywriting is vital to the success of any ethical search engine optimisation campaign: ultimately, the primary goal of the big search engine companies is to provide a user-centric suite of services which return relevant, valuable results: high quality copy is the best way to help a message reach a wider audience online.

Establishing a stronger brand

Today, content marketing is big business, with most successful organisations choosing to promote their brands by providing high quality content aimed at their intended target audience: the emphasis here is on forming relationships and improving perceptions of a brand, rather than just throwing a sales pitch at potential customers.

Content marketing comes in many flavours: an entertaining news article, a helpful ‘how-to’ guide, an informative newsletter, a social media interaction, and many other forms.

In order to have any real value, however, content marketing copy must engage the reader at every step and serve some sort of useful purpose to them – this is where a professional copywriter’s skills can prove to be truly invaluable.

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