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Google Announces AdWords Train & Gain Competition – Prizes!

On the 4th of October Google are inviting all Google AdWords enthusiasts, business owners and online advertisers (basically anyone with an AdWords account) to compete in their new 4 Weeks “Transform your Business” challenge. By signing up for the competition you stand to win an Android Phone or even a free consultation with an AdWords expert.

“Each advertiser who successfully completes the steps…will receive customized Google stickers showing their website URL and keyword. Additionally, 15 lucky finalists will win an Android phone… and one overall winner will go to Sydney to meet a Google AdWords expert in Google’s Sydney office.”

It seems the competition was created to answer the number of requests for recommendations that Google have had for advice with what people should be doing with their AdWords account.

What Do I Have to Do?

Well you need to have an AdWords account for a start of course and you need to sign up for the competition. Then when the competition starts on the 4th October:

  • Sign in to your AdWords account twice a week – here you will be given advice on how to manage your account better.
  • Try one of Google’s free tools a try – Google Analytics (highly recommended), Conversion Tracking, Conversion Optimiser or AdWords Search Funnel reports.
  • Add a new keyword(s) or use negative keyword(s)
  • Answer a questionnaire at the end.

Simple as that, it seems. If you are a novice AdWords user and are not really sure what you are using it for this is probably a good way to get yourself involved and using it to your full advantage. If you’re a more advanced AdWords user, your will probably be doing all this anyway so you may as well set yourself up for a nice prize, including a possible trip to Oz!

Here are the terms and conditions and a sneak peek Google has provided of the sort of advice you will be sent:

  • Improve ad text: Stand out from your competition by writing ads that highlight your most competitive features: Low price, special services, free delivery, etc.
  • Use negative keywords: Specify which search terms you don’t want your ad to appear on. This will help you keep costs down because it prevents clicks from people looking for things you don’t offer.
  • Track sales and leads: See where your ad-spend is working best and focus your money on the efforts that are generating business.

If this is as detailed as the advice gets then this really is for absolute beginners. Hopefully the advice will get better as the weeks go on…

Good Luck!

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