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Google Webmaster Tools Improvements

Ever heard of Google Webmaster Tools? If not then your missing out on probably one of the best (and not to mention free) tools to help you improve your sites rankings with Google. Webmaster Tools will actually provide information to help your site with crawling and indexing issues. Here at Cozy Digital we are big fans of this resource and often recommend it to clients.

Google Webmaster Tools

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With security often being in the headlines recently it only seems right to highlight a number of improvements they have made with regards to information provided to webmasters about the state of their sites.

Starting this month Google will notify website owners if their websites have been compromised by potentially mallcious content such as:

Spam in user generated areas of the site.

Forum pages with large amounts of spam.

Pages suspected of being hacked.

These notifications will inform webmasters of the suspected issue, while also giving some advice on how to fix the issue and have their site added back into Google’s search listings.

..More information can be found on the Google Webmaster Tools homepage.

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