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Cozy Digital SEO Can Resolve Your Customer Road Blocks and Increase Your Sales Now

You can lead customers to your website, but you can't always make them buy!

Did you know that by just removing a compulsory customer registration form from your sales process you can increase your profits by 26%?

Website Usability is the newest online sales optimisation technique which is now more important than almost all other marketing techniques. Usability testing is the process of analysing where your site is failing to satisfy customers and acts decisively to nip and tuck your website into a lean-mean-sale-making-machine. As standard on all their Search Engine Optimisation packages, Cozy Digital provides you with a comprehensive usability analysis and report. With this report you will be able to significantly improve your usability and your sales. When analysing your website's usability Cozy Digital looks out for:

Ease of Learning – How easy is it for a beginner to use your website?

Efficiency of Use – Can experienced users do things quickly and efficiently?

Memorable – Do users find it easy to remember how to use your website or do they need to re-learn everything?

Error Frequency and Severity – Do users make errors a lot, how bad are they and are they easy to rectify?

Subjective Satisfaction – Do people enjoy the experience of using your site?

To give you an idea of what it's like for a visitor to your site, watch a friend who has never been on your website try to buy something specific, quickly. If you spot anything that causes frustration, detracts or delays the smooth passage from finding a product through to the checkout or causes them to tear even a single hair from their head, you need your usability overhauled.

Do you want to increase your sales by making incredibly important changes to your website? If you do, then Cozy Digital has exactly what you need to analyse and act on the list of things that will be causing your visitors to run away before getting anywhere near making a sale. They have the skills to make sure every visitor you have in the future will be guaranteed to find your website an easy to use and pleasurable place to be and one that will become their first choice to buy your product.

If you want to go a step further with your SEO, Cozy Digital can offer you additional Advanced Usability Testing which takes the standard analysis and report and puts it into warp drive. Your dedicated account manager will be on hand to massively improve your usability through extensive testing and exhaustive analysis.

A usability redesign can increase your sales/conversion rate by 100%.

Evolution is a strong website design and SEO consultancy whose ranks boast some of the most highly qualified specialists in the field. With 4 years experience turning website usability quagmires into streamlined customer experience dreams, they have the continued pleasure of providing countless enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a helping hand on the way to online business success.

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