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Optimising Your Web Forms Has Biggest Impact on ROI says Google

Google logo (Image Courtesy of Google)

Google logo (Image Courtesy of Google)

Testing elements of your website should be a must for every website to increase goal conversions and ROI. If you are not testing your website then you cannot effectively determine what impact any changes will have.

If you think a full redesign will solve all your problems then you are very much mistaken. If you don’t know what elements on your website are working for you? How would you know what to include in your redesign?

Your website should evolve slowly over time as you test and implement different segments of your site. It would be far wiser to invest your money and time in an extensive testing campaign than on a new design for your website.

In a recent post on the Google conversion room blog called “improve your web-forms and increase conversions” Google has given you some really good tips on how to test and design your web-forms. It also states that optimising your forms will have the biggest impact on your ROI.

Google also gives you the tools to implement such tests with its free Website Optimizer platform. With this system you can quickly and easily set up and run tests to improve conversions on your website.

However testing is only half the solution you also need to know what to test that’s why I think Google’s Conversion Room blog is a great place to get ideas on what to test.

Will a green add to basket button be more effective than a red one? Without testing this theory changing the colour may have a major negative impact on your conversions. Also let’s say you make several changes to your web forms at once and your conversions drop. Without testing how will you determine the cause of this drop?

This video below from Google will give you an idea what Website Optimizer is all about.

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