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Want More Conversions? Google Wants You To Think Fast!

We’ve talked a number of times about page speed and its effects not only on users, but how that also with Google’s recent inclusion of speed as one of its ranking factors. It seems in many ways that this is going to be a growth segment in the future for both SEO and web developers as they look to improve their common goal – conversions.

On the Google Webmaster Central Blog there is a new post by the ever-informational and always speedy Maile Ohye on the subject of site performance. It covers a number of topics:

The Need For Speed – why should you want a fast site?

Faster For Little Expenditure – why fast doesn’t have to mean expensive.

Available Tools – What are your options?


3 Steps To Success – Your roadmap to faster sites and more conversions

Looking Forward – Performance and SEO

There is lots of great info, but one point that struck  me was made by Ms. Ohye when talking about the negative effects of a slow site on users. It seems that not only do users become dissatisfied when the site is slow, but testing has shown that the negative opinion those users feel about the site can actually last after the performance issues have been addressed. So if you think your site might be slow, better fix that as soon as you can!

The video presentation is packed with interesting points and actual demonstrations of analysing performance and fixing issues, top stuff! Well worth 12minutes 11seconds of your day.


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