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Webmaster Tools Videos – PageRank, Ranking and Analytics!

We pay another visit to the multi-shirted Matt Cutts as he wades through the waist deep pile of questions he is no doubt sent. This time the question is an age old SEO issue:

What signals are used in ranking other than PageRank?


Just goes to show that people become so hung up on the number of links their site is receiving that they can lose site of the real purpose of a search engine – to deliver quality results to its users. You need to identify on-page elements and check they are all properly targeted. All that being said, don’t compromise your page content for SEO purposes – if your page becomes unreadable due to the number of times keywords are crow-barred into every sentence then your users aren’t going to be impressed. Simply put your page in the best possible position to appear in the rankings while staying true to its original purpose.

We just have time to look at another video, this one broaches an interesting idea:

Will using Analytics have a negative effect on ranking?


So the answer is ‘no’, and indeed it provides a little push to people who haven’t started using the asynchronous analytics tracking code that is now available. The only cause for concern seems to be Mr Cutts’s use of the word “currently” when describing if the Analytics data is used to form search rankings. We could probably do with a daily video from Mr Cutts reassuring us that the situation has not changed!

Could this just plant a single seed of doubt for the long-term uses of Google Analytics data? Will we ever reach a situation where an ecommerce store finds itself with a slightly lean month for conversions also finds its rankings effected? Perhaps that is a justified use of the data to grade a sites relevance for a specific keyphrase?

What do you think? Let us know!

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