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Country Targeting And Link Building – Webmaster Tools Videos Are Back!

Those looking to get their mandated regular dose of Matt Cutts, will welcome the return of Webmaster Tools videos. They are packed with Cuttsian nuggets of information that people from all sides of the online marketing industry will find interesting.

Webmaster Location Targeting

The first video deals with an interesting point: As AdWords allows reasonably accurate location targeting, why can’t similar options be included in webmaster tools?

The answer seems mainly routed in the potential abuse that such a system could introduce, if checkboxes are available then people might just want to check them all…


Link Building

The second video discusses a common SEO topic, that of link building. Is it possible to build too many links?!

The emphasis in Mr Cutts’s answer is definitely on natural link building – the sheer overwhelming super-awesomeness of your site leads to people spontaneously linking to your site. The example of YouTube is an interesting one, but does that really represent the experience of a small business looking to increase their online sales? The prevalence of the ‘nofollow’ link is also an issue with this type of link building. Some sites actually include it for all user generated links, so building up your site from this type of link building may be a difficult task.


Any opinions on these topics? Let us know!

More info can be found on the Webmaster Central Blog.

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  • further evidence of how conically flawed Google is, a site that has its SEO all in order gets to number one, even if site at number two has far more useful and relevant information, and the site at number thirty may be the best on the subject but has poor SEO.
    Why can people not see that this is a game played by geeks rather than a viable way to find the best information on a subject

    Total Comments by Techwatch: 7

  • It doesn’t matter if your in number one or not if you don’t have the content people are looking for then it won’t matter.

    What Google is trying to achieve is no easy task and if you look at their results compared to any other search engine you will have to admit they do the best job of finding you the most relevent content.

    We are not there yet but in time I’m sure we will.

    Total Comments by Kevin: 24

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