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Google Seeking China Solution?

Google logo (Image Courtesy of Google)

The recent falling out between Google and the Chinese authorities caused something of an international media storm, it not only showed Google’s willingness to follow through on its long-standing ideals, but also indirectly publicly questioned how companies would operate in China. It was difficult to overestimate how powerful a message this was.

However it looks like Google may be trying to change tack. The New York Times has reported that Google co-founder Sergey Brin has spoken publicly about the situation:

“I want to find a way to work within the Chinese system to bring information to the people”

“Perhaps we won’t succeed immediately, but maybe in a year or two”

Whether this represents a significant u-turn or simply a statement of hope over the potential for future agreements is unclear.

Mr Brin went on to talk about the other companies struck in the attacks, and his wish that they would publicly acknowledge them:

“If other companies were to come forward, I think we’d all be safer”

It is certainly a potentially hugely important time for companies looking to operate in China; the market has the capacity to be pivotal for many businesses.

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