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Webmaster Videos – Domain History, Photographers and Eye Lasers

It's time once again to bathe in the warm nourishing waters of webmaster videos. So lie back, relax and let the warm informational waters wash your web worries away..

Domain History and SEO


This is often an issue that people are unaware of. Its obviously less of an issue for companies who are using a domain with their name in – it’s a lot less likely to have been used before. Spending a short amount of time determining whether your URL was previously owned may save you a lot of wasted time, effort and heartbreak in the future.

You could think of it as buying a car. If you know the car was previously used then you want to look for signs of abuse or neglect – how do the tyres look? Has it been serviced properly? Etc. A similar mindset should be applied to buying a domain.

Photography Sites and PageRank


In addition to the points mentioned in the video, its worth also mentioning that the comments that you allow to be added to your images will also provide unique content for your page. You are effectively getting your site visitors not only to tag your images with descriptive words but also help in general SEO terms by adding unique content.

Although links to your site from photo-sharing resources like flickr tend to be nofollow'd, actually getting those users to your site and leave comments mean that time spent building those links could actually help your SEO in the long term. Nofollow doesn't have to mean 'useless'!

The Matt Cutts / Google 5 Year Plan


So Google Goggles might be replaced with Google Eye Lasers at some point? I'm not quite sure how I feel about that!

The emphasis on security is certainly warranted, though you have to wonder about the demographics of people watching webmaster videos – it might just be preaching to the converted. We have looked at website protection issues before (recently we posted some WordPress security tips) and will continue to bring you news from the security front-lines. Stay tuned!

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