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Webmaster Videos – Domains, Blog Hackers and Post-Frequency for SEO

We've been remiss of late in keeping up to date with search soothsayer Matt Cutts' Webmaster video escapades. You turn your back for a second and suddenly he's shone the torch of truth on another dank corner of SEO folklore. So without further delay…

What's the deal with 'Addon domains'?


So if your addon domains are basically a catch-net for people miss-typing your URL, or perhaps you just want to safeguard your online presence by registering other TLDs, then you really don't have to worry –  just setup a redirect to 'funnel' those other domains to your main URL. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a '301 redirect', it's basically a way to setup a permanent redirect, one URL to another. You can read more on the Wikipedia entry.

Protecting your WordPress blog from hackers


These are glistening gold nuggets of security information that everyone using the WordPress blogging platform should hear. Setting up the 'whitelist' (just think of it as the opposite of 'blacklisting') is an especially great idea. It’s a layer of protection on top of making sure your doors are secured, its making sure people can't even try the handle. Online security is a constant battle, but keeping yourself aware of the issues and getting into a pattern of updating and considering security means that you can mitigate much of the threat.

Mr Cutts says that the current version of WordPress was 2.9.2 but as I'm typing this version 3 has been released. So do a quick backup and upgrade!

How does blog post frequency relate to SEO?


This is a slightly tricky one, there is lots of middle ground with regards to post frequently and spending time writing some mega-post-odyssey. For a blog like Mr Cutts has, there is no doubt that people will read his blog posts regardless of the frequency with which he posts them. The gap can be a couple of weeks, but his profile on the web and the weight his words carry mean that his posts have inherent value.

For a new business this isn't quite so easy, getting people used to visiting your site frequently is a battle in itself, and a fresh and lively blog can certainly help to show the vibrancy of your company. This doesn't mean that spamming your blog full of new product releases – complete with manufacturer's descriptions – is a good idea. It isn't. A mix of both high frequency posts that your customers want to read, while also working on more long term 'high value' lower frequency posts will help you build your blog. With some care it can become an excellent tool to communicate with your customers and a worthy resource for your industry at large. Your blog isn't just an SEO tool, it should also be a valuable communication channel.

More information can be found on our blog post How to Blog Your Way to Online Business Success.

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