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How Well Is Your AdWords Campaign Performing?

So you are looking at your new AdWords campaign, the normal tips and tricks just don't seem to be working. Those click-through-rates just don't want to increase in the way you are used to, so what is wrong?

It's an interesting question; if you are operating in a new industry then you simply might not know the 'lay of the land' for that particular market. We all like to see terrific CTR's and loads of conversions, but is that realistic for the market you are operating in? And what's more, how will you find out how your campaign is performing?

Google To The Rescue

Luckily the advertising elves at Mountain View have also noticed these questions and have now released an Analyze Competition tool to “a small number of advertisers using the English language AdWords interface” with plans to roll it out to more advertisers in the future.

The post on the Inside AdWords blog makes this new tool look really promising. It analyses your campaign for the previous two weeks and then compares it to other advertisers in the same category (based on keywords, ad text and landing page). Then for each category you are presented with a graph comparing your performance with everyone else, it looks incredibly handy!

What's more, you can then evaluate this comparison based on a number of metrics such as CTR. You can then see a breakdown of the highs and lows for that specific criterion. E.g. Perhaps you are struggling to get your CTR above 2%, you might find out that this in fact puts you in the top bracket for your industry – the top performers are only getting 2.2%!

Personally, I can't wait for this new tool. It'll give everyone a bit of perspective – perhaps you might find your campaigns need a bit of a rethink, or perhaps you are doing better than you realised!

..More information can be found on the Google Inside AdWords Blog. There is also an Analyze Competition page in AdWords Help.

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