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Is Your Google AdWords Campaign Working?

So you’re doing it, your AdWords campaign is ticking along. All that time spent on researching effective keywords to deliver targeted customers, all the time spent drafting and re-tweaking ads is all being put to good use, but the question remains – is your campaign performing well?

The latest post to the Inside AdWords blog talks about just this point. It is not always easy for people to judge how well their campaign is doing, but with a bit of experience you can easily learn which are the particular nuggets of information to keep an eye on!

  • Impressions are the number of times that your ad has been displayed. Are your impressions low? You might find that the keyword you are using to trigger them isn’t very popular. If you have far too many impressions (sounds unlikely, but it can be an indicator of other issues) it can be that you have picked a keyphrase that is simply too general. E.g. If you are advertising for a car hire company then using the keyword ‘car’ would certainly deliver many impressions, but arguably it’s not going to help you get your advert seen by relevant people.
  • Clicks are a good thing. It is a measure of how many times your advert has been clicked on, it is positive not only just because it delivered someone to your site, but also that your keywords and adverts are working effectively.
  • Click-through-rate (or CTR) is the percentage of clicks to impressions. The higher it is the better – more people are clicking on your advert compared to the number of times it has been shown. Keep an eye on this one as it can be an indicator if things are not working correctly.
  • Conversions are the payoff, the reason for ecommerce stores to have an AdWords campaign. Conversions represent someone seeing your advert, clicking on it, and then buying the product. As you might imagine, conversions rule all the other metrics – its money in the bank after all!

Keeping a close eye on these points in your AdWords campaign can tell you where your time is best spent in order to improve its performance. Keep them peeled!

..More information can be found on the Inside AdWords blog.


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