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How Often Does Google Change Its Search Algorithm?

It’s fair to say that Google’s search algorithm is a pretty big deal, it holds in its grasp the power to promote or demote sites, for many this algorithm holds the key to their commercial success.

Super-Google representative, a Mr M. Cutts, has appeared in another Webmaster video on YouTube, and he answers a question on just this topic – “How many changes did Google make to their primary search algorithm in 2009..?”

Hmm, difficult to guess isn’t it? Turns out its around 1 change per day, about 350-400 changes per year. These can be changes such as better synonyms or a web standard improvement, but it really shows the progressive improvement that Google are involved in. They certainly aren’t resting on their laurels, the future of Google search is ever evolving.

Here is the full video:

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  • why does the search result differs each time google make changes? due to this many good websites traffic declines. google dont take it in consideration where visitors got something they searched for, it should just not a business to take major stake in the search market, instead the internet users must get some benefits out of it.

    Total Comment by ranga: 1

  • Thanks for posting,

    I think the argument is that with all the changes they make to search results they are refining and improving the search results. Unfortunately some sites are going to see their traffic decline when Google changes this system.
    It is true that some companies rely on Google for large amounts of their traffic, and therefore revenue. If the search market was more evenly split then Google search algorithm changes wouldn’t have such radical effects on these businesses.

    Total Comments by Robert: 12

  • constant changes are aimed at scuppering seo “experts from manipulating the system

    Total Comments by Techwatch: 7

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