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Ramsay’s Web Wire – Issue #10: MAdWords

Wow, what’s going on here!? I turn my back for two minutes and the blog as we know it is gone forever. Ah well, out with the old and in with the new I say. Besides, this new design definitely feels better in my opinion. Check out the footer, it’s got a cow tied to a balloon! How delightfully absurd. Anyway, we’ve got a job to do here and if you like online advertising then you’re in for a treat.

It seems like things are getting pretty tough for the little guy online these days. Organic Search gave small businesses free exposure as it wasn't about the size of your business, just the quality of what your site offered. However with Google’s latest team up with Bazaarvoice, are organic results getting genetically modified?

But don’t worry too much as there are ways of becoming an online advertising supremo and sticking it to the man. If you want to get the best from AdWords advertising then you need to get your ad text just right as that’s the key to clicks. Also, find out how you can get the perfect setup for you ads by optimising them perfectly for your business in the content network or search advertising. With AdWords targeting the iPad for a new advertising angle now is the time to get you adverts sorted.

Of course there are ways you can get your site out there a little more naturally by getting your site optimised just right. To do this you’ve got to stay one step ahead of the game in onsite optimisation and analysis. Like for instance, did you hear that the keyword meta-tag is dead? Apparently some-time in the night it was taken out back, shot and buried beside the mullet and leg warmers. At least that’s what Matt Cutts seems to think as he looks at why Google doesn’t care for it. While you’re getting your site in check why not have a look at the latest analytics video or find out how to optimise your site for Google Chrome. Also do you have a lot of video content on your site? Then why not find out how to create and submit a video sitemap to Google.

That’s all the helpful hints we have this week but what about the news on the web? This week Yahoo went well, ‘Yahoo’ over their quarterly profits and Google tried to explain to the computer illiterate that the internet is not the lining on the inside of their swimming trunks. Google have also surprisingly opened the doors on data they provide to governments. For those of a designy persuasion (I can make up words too Robert), check out this dandy little review of CS5.

As always we want get the best out there to the little guys online (metaphorical little guys of course, not just surfing midgets).

Bet you’re thinking about a surfing midget now aren’t you?

Anyway back on topic if you have any SEO or web design questions we’re always happy to help. We’re kind of like Fonzie that way.

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