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Yahoo’s Top 10 Searched Images and Videos

Not that I have an affinity for Yahoo or anything…but there’s more news from Yahoo.  Since Carol Blartz’s foul mouth tirade at TechCrunch, which I highlighted last week, Yahoo have launched their new ‘pretty’ search just in time for Blartz to ‘moon’ us. OK, she hasn’t really, but if she did and it was one of the top image or video searches of the day, then it should appear on their ‘TRENDING NOW’ image results page.

Is it useful?

The page certainly looks nice and everything is neat and slick, and it will no doubt result in some extra clicking. In fact, Yahoo has already seen ‘double-digit’ percentage increases in user involvement and a 60% increase in the time spent on these new pages.

To find this page, just go to the Yahoo homepage and click on ‘Image’ or ‘Video’ without putting anything in the search box. This brings up 5 pages of 18 images ranked by which image or video is most searched at that moment. You can ‘auto-scroll’ them for hands free viewing and when you click on an image, you are taken to image or video results for that title.

But is it useful?

It is useful for Yahoo, because right now its gimmicky feel will draw in droves of people looking to find out what the top 10 most popular images searched for at the moment are. (Or at least Yahoo's heavily edited interpretation of the top 10.) And it will be useful for those looking to squeeze in a few minutes entertainment will no doubt find it useful for this exact reason. There is a surprising top 10 at the moment.

However, how useful it will be to someone actually searching for something specific will be limited. If you were looking for a particular image or video why would you visit this page? There are countless video and image sites around the net which will have the best most interesting images or videos of the day arranged by category, ranked, tagged and bagged. Not to mention just using the normal image or video search. The only reason to come across this page in future will no doubt be by accident.

Yahoo has released a severely limited, mildly entertaining, pop picture gallery. Great.

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